DYI-orama Xmas Caravan

1. Download PDF from my blog.

2. Print it on an A4 paper, if possible it should be a bit thicker than the usual letterhead paper.

3. Colour all the areas, caravan, characters, flowers… with your favourite pencils or pens…

4. Cut all the different pieces, using scissors or a scalpel. If you use a scalpel use a cutting matt.

instructions-caravan (4)

5. I used a scalpel to cut the windows and door.  It’s a lot easier.

instructions-caravan (5)

6. Score the dotted lines.  I used the back of scissors and a metal ruler.  You could also use the back of a knive.

instructions-caravan (3)

7. Fold the sides of each of the parts by the dotted line.

instructions-caravan (6)

instructions-caravan (12)

9. Stick characters to the floor of the van.  Careful don’t block the area where the back door will be. :)

instructions-caravan (2)

instructions-caravan (8)

10. You can now stick the caravan sides.  I held it together with little pegs.

instructions-caravan (7) instructions-caravan (9)
11. Then you can stick the caravan floor to the top part of the van.

12. Try to personalise your van placing the inside characters and objects wherever you like.  You could also add a yawning, or a floor area…

13. Oh, I forgot!  There is also a little piece which works as the front wheel, fold it and stick it to the front of the caravan.
And that’s it! Enjoy! And if you want to participate in my competition, send me a photo of your creation to contact@anaaceves.com before the 20th of December. :)