Laura in the forest

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Happy spring Europe!… as we say good-bye to our summer.

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Laura in the forest

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I am really excited about this new project that I am doing in collaboration with my friend and amazing photographer Jose L G Cano.  When I first met him and found out he was a photographer I gave him the hat tree from the costume I had designed for WOW a few years ago in case he wanted to use it for his photos.

Last month he told me he was ready to do a photo session with a model wearing the hat and asked me if I had any ideas.   I created a paper forest which I photographed in different ways… he photographed Laura and later gave me 300 photographs to play with!
This is just the first photograph of the series, I can’t wait to see how the story develops.

A big part of this project is Danny Sugar who is the master photoshop alchemist, fan, tree and horse head holder, leaf spreader…

Also Kung G Cano, who applied invisible make up on Laura and made sure her hair was looking impecable during the photo shoot.

_IGP9440 _IGP9433 _IGP9430 _IGP9431 _IGP9437 PB_20150205143612746

forest2 forest

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Against the grain

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Sometimes a song wakes you up… this one did that for me today,
together with this little (and fatty) bird that came to visit us early in the morning.

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The amazing NZ praying mantis. Apparently this species rarely perform the gruesome after mating ritual of attacking and consuming her partner, they die on their own of exhaustion.

La increible mantis de NZ. Por lo visto esta especie no realiza el macrabro acto de atacar a su compañero despues del ritual de apareamiento, los pobres se mueren solos del agotamiento.

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water water water
the past goes on falling
still a tangle
of bones
and of roots;
it has been, it has been, and now
memories mean nothing.
(fragment poem Past, Pablo Neruda)

al agua al agua al agua
va cayendo el pasado
aunque se agarre
a espinas
y raíces:
se fue se fue y no valen
los recuerdos.

(fragmento poema Pasado, Pablo Neruda)

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