you have to let go

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you have to let go

Sometimes something clicks, a thought, a memory that makes you realise how important an image is for you. When I was a child I loved swallows, they will show up early in spring and fly all around us in search of food. It made me happy to look at them.

When I first arrived in New Zealand I saw them again, these were called welcome swallows, and they made me feel at home, made recover those feelings I had when I was a little girl.

You will be seeing a lot of these birds coming from me in the next few days. :-)

These four little wooden canvas titled “you have to let go” will be going to Kina NZ Design in New Plymouth and will be shown in the 200 x 200 exhibition from the 28th of November.

_IGP9026 _IGP9028 _IGP9032 _IGP9039

Four plywood pieces, 20 cm x 20 cm each.

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Exciting projects coming up this year

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the owner of a beautiful gallery in our area asking if I wanted to exhibit with them. Which gallery? i will give you a couple of clues… it’s cozy, based in Upper Moutere, they sell the best jams in the area… it used to be a post office? :-)
As I was planning to participate in the 100 days project with my friend Georgia Barber we asked Jo Costar (the owner) if she would like to exhibit our work from this project and she was excited to do so. We will be announcing the definite dates very soon, but it will probably be from September till November this year. Thank you Jo from The Old Post Office Shop.

Last week I was also offered to exhibit in the Reflections Art Gallery at the World of Wearable Art Museum with Barbara Franklet and Emma Moncrieff. Dates haven’t been confirmed but it will probably be in November this year till December. I am very excited about this opportunity.

Just one more thing… I have recently won a competition. I am waiting to get permission to show you pictures and tell you what it is. Want a clue? whales are involved… :-)

And as I can’t still show you any images here are some I took yesterday on the way from Christchurch to Nelson. I am thankful to this amazing country for accepting me as I am and for helping me grow as an artist. I have never felt more at home.









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new paintings

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my own moon
Acrylic on canvas, 71 x 71 cm


make and break
Acrylic on canvas, 71 x 71 cm

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