Exciting projects coming up this year

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the owner of a beautiful gallery in our area asking if I wanted to exhibit with them. Which gallery? i will give you a couple of clues… it’s cozy, based in Upper Moutere, they sell the best jams in the area… it used to be a post office? :-)
As I was planning to participate in the 100 days project with my friend Georgia Barber we asked Jo Costar (the owner) if she would like to exhibit our work from this project and she was excited to do so. We will be announcing the definite dates very soon, but it will probably be from September till November this year. Thank you Jo from The Old Post Office Shop.

Last week I was also offered to exhibit in the Reflections Art Gallery at the World of Wearable Art Museum with Barbara Franklet and Emma Moncrieff. Dates haven’t been confirmed but it will probably be in November this year till December. I am very excited about this opportunity.

Just one more thing… I have recently won a competition. I am waiting to get permission to show you pictures and tell you what it is. Want a clue? whales are involved… :-)

And as I can’t still show you any images here are some I took yesterday on the way from Christchurch to Nelson. I am thankful to this amazing country for accepting me as I am and for helping me grow as an artist. I have never felt more at home.









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Monster March Market, Christchurch

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Danny and I will be at the Monster March Market in Christchurch on the 22nd of March. It will take place at the Pallet Pavilion, 70 Kilmore St,, Christchurch, New Zealand. Here is their facebook page with more info.

I will be bringing new earrings, brooches, dioramas, and hopefully a new collecion of MONSTER prints.  I get the feeling it is going to be great!  :)

photo 4

Still uncooked but I am having a lot of fun with these skull and monster brooches!!

photo 5




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This was my collaboration for the book “Amorcionario”.  A word that is hard to explain in English, but it´s something like LOVETIONARY.  An illustrated collection of made up words that include the word “LOVE” (Amor) in them.  A great idea by “colectivo satélite” from Valladolid, Spain.  Amarejada is a mix of the words heavy sea + love.

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Freedom is happiness

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Last month I went to Farewell Spit with my friend Georgia to help a pod of whales that had stranded in the beach.  The experience was very intense, too intense to explain with a few words, but it inspired me to create this series of screen prints.


Danny helped me with the printing.  We might have been too ambitions running a four layer print after not having printed anything this complex for a few years.  We started out with 20 and I still don’t know how many will end up signed, not many… but I am sure a few will be available on my online shop soon. :)



I forgot to say, I am a medic for Project Jonah.  They are an awesome organization.  You can also help, visit their website here.

I have written an article in Spanish about my experience, if you are interested you can read it here.

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El Colectivo Satélite ataca de nuevo con este libro tan original llamado AMORCINARIO. Con sus palabras: “Más de 150 ilustradores han aportado su grano de arena literario y artístico para que el Colectivo Satélite haya podido elaborar este amoroso compendio.”

Si tienes oportunidad de ir el Jueves 6 de Febrero a las 20:00h será la presentación del Amorcionario en el Museo Patio Herreriano en Valladolid.   También habrá otra en Madrid, el jueves 13 de Febrero en el Museo ABC del Dibujo y la Ilustración.

Visita su página de facebook aquí.


He tenido el placer de aportar mi granito de arena, la palabra que tuve que ilustrar y describir fue: “AMAREJADA”.


 Más noticias aquí.

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